6 frases para pensar sobre felicidade e treinar seu inglês

Aprenda novas palavras em inglês pensando nas pequenas e grandes felicidades da vida

Neste primeiro mês do ano, o Dicas de Inglês nos inspira a observar e a ser feliz com as coisas mais simples da vida.
Leia a lista, aprenda novas palavras em inglês, lembre-se de quando você viveu cada situação mencionada (se não viveu, esperamos que viva) e sinta-se feliz em 2018!

Happiness is…

Your favorite team winning at the last minute

The afterglow of finishing a novel

Afterglow: a pleasant feeling produced after an experience, event, feeling, etc.
The team were relaxing in the afterglow of winning the cup.
Novel: a long printed story about imaginary characters and events.
Have you read any of Jane Austen’s novels?

A great conversation with a stranger

Stranger: someone you do not know.
My mother always warned me not to talk to strangers.

When you look fabulous in a group photo

Watching the trailers, looking forward to the movie
To look forward to: to feel pleasure because an event or activity is going to happen.
I’m looking forward to my vacation.

Falling asleep to the sound of your cat purring

To purr: to make a quiet, continuous, soft sound.
The cat purred as I stroked its fur.

Finding a power outlet at the airport

Power outlet / Power point: a device to which a piece of electrical equipment can be connected in order to provide it with electricity

Feeling that you are heading in the right direction

Happines is… 500 things to be happy about – Chronicle books

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